At Your Service: No Strings Attached

At Your Service: No Strings Attached

At Your Service: No Strings Attached


“Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”

John 13:14-15 NIV


I don’t know if it is the fact that I was raised in a single-parent home or that I somehow conceived this notion, but, my focus has always been on working hard and moving forward. The issue here is that I had no problem moving forward on my own and leaving others behind. I didn’t know how to serve without my interests at hand. One word: selfishness

I had no problem helping others by giving. It was easy for me. If I knew someone was in need, I’d be moved to look at my financial resources and see how I could help. Giving is my love language (click on the link to check out this book and learn more about love languages), actually. But, I did not know how to serve in the sense of putting time and effort for someone else. I knew what it was to work hard, but it was usually for me. This has even extended to hosting families in my home. My husband would take care of that. I would forget to offer guests a drink (still happens, still learning) and get all wrapped up with the unimportant things, such as any outside dirt from the soles of shoes entering my house.

Let’s fast forward to the present. I am now a SAHM. I don’t have any personal income of my own and cannot do things solo. In fact, I am now in a position where I have to take the time to prepare meals for others and assist my child in her studies as a homeschooling parent. I now make sure everyone in my home is properly cared for. What a change! I went from “me, me, me” to everyone else. Knowing all of this about me, it is very interesting to see how much I’ve grown in this area.

A few weeks ago, a friend of my husband’s stopped by for dinner. I didn’t realize until afterward that this was the FIRST time I hosted anyone outside of my family in my home without my husband’s help. In this case, my husband and his friend were arriving home together for dinner. I was responsible for preparing dinner and hosting. There are times when you have to give yourself a pat on the shoulder; this is one of those times for me. I think my body knew it was supposed to get all panicky with the thought of hosting, but my mind was at peace. I cooked dinner, baked brownies (gluten free, of course) and remembered to offer a drink; not just once, but a few times. And it came so naturally. Here was Amy, cooking and baking, for someone else. No hidden agendas. No personal motivation. Just because. And it felt right.

There’s something about that maturation process. You can measure the growth and see how much God has done in your life. And it really is a beautiful thing.

Getting out of my comfort zone to serve others was not easy for me. And not something I desired to do. It was very selfish of me.

Good thing Jesus Christ doesn’t think in the same way I used to. He showed us His way to emulate, so that we could attract others to Him. I can’t fathom what would happen to us if He chose to stay on His throne and not die on a tree. Where would we be? Maybe that is a thought we should cling to. He chose to get down and dirty for us. In the same way, if we put ourselves to the side and serve genuinely, perhaps more people will see His light.

I don’t want to block the light of Christ by putting myself in the way. I want to serve, because He first served me.

And He is SO worth it!

Amy Velazquez
  • Jayson Pacheco
    Posted at 13:26h, 08 May Reply

    What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a delight when we grow, and what we perceive to be our image, is no longer our own, but Christ’s image being manifested in us. How more so powerful it is when the world and others can see the beautiful Christ living inside of us. When we serve and put others before ourselves, it is then when we stepped into the footsteps of Christ.

    • Amy
      Posted at 20:10h, 09 May Reply


      Yes. Perception is so powerful and I’m glad that He’s molding us in such a way for us to become more self-aware. And as a result, we are able to grow and conform more to His image. God is so good!

  • Vilmarie Ramos
    Posted at 15:21h, 08 May Reply

    Thank you for sharing this Amy. I appreciate the transparency, we need more of that. The Lord has done and is doing a beautiful thing in your life and in your family’s life. Thank you for letting us in so we can be a part of it. Keep it coming.

    • Amy
      Posted at 20:09h, 09 May Reply


      Thank you! When we relent to Him, His beauty shines right through!! 🙂

  • Katy Helena
    Posted at 00:14h, 09 May Reply

    This is a lovely post! It is beautiful the change and growth Jesus brings to our lives. I can see, even here, God making you more like Him — and that is a precious sight to behold! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Amy
      Posted at 20:06h, 09 May Reply


      Thank you!!! It definitely is a process; but, so worth it to be more like Him!

  • Mari
    Posted at 20:59h, 09 May Reply

    God bless Amy. This really hit home. I can admit, after reading this that I struggle with the same issue. I’ve prayed to God to help me be a more giving/loving person in that sense, not in a monetary way but doing to please others not myself. I can be the same way where i avoid having to host lol. Thank you for this.

    • Amy
      Posted at 21:48h, 09 May Reply


      Know that you are not the only person dealing with this. I truly believe God is up to something when it comes to taking us out of our comfort zones for His name’s sake. I believe and pray that He will strengthen you and give you the resources to step out with boldness and reach out in ways you haven’t. 🙂

  • Ashley Soto
    Posted at 13:32h, 10 May Reply

    I thought I was the only person who gets panicky whenever someone comes over, I get this strange fear of not being a good enough host. Or not having enough food to feed people. Thank you for letting me know that I can have peace when hosting. I need to work on my perspective of having company! Awesome post.

    • Amy
      Posted at 13:46h, 17 May Reply


      Thank you!!! God’s peace surely passes all of our understanding; that is for sure!

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