Be the BEST You

Be the BEST You

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…”

Matthew 6:33 NIV


It’s a weekday evening. After a long day of cleaning, cooking, homeschooling prep for the upcoming school year, getting through various errands and finally putting the children to bed, I have collapsed on my sofa and begin to think through what I’ve been able to accomplish on this day. My husband has asked me to join him as he continues a long evening of work. And I can’t even get up from where I’m at. I’m fatigued and am aware that I need some time to myself.


Even though my plate was full today, I don’t feel burnt out. I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel stressed. I’m tired, but I’m at peace. And it feels so good to rest under the shadow of His wings. His strength is enough for me to continue on. He allows me to sit and ponder His amazing work in my life. I am no longer this overburdened, exhausted, burnt-out individual.

I am now a little wiser.

I’ve said, “No” to the things that should not take priority in my life. I’ve said, “Yes” to those that I will not compromise. And I’ve learned that although there are things that are important to me, it does not mean that I am responsible for them. I’m learning to prioritize. I’m learning that God did not create us to run a marathon and lose our breath and energy for His name’s sake. No. I’m learning to rest in His peace and to be rejuvenated by His strength. There’s a reason why He created the Sabbath. It is for our benefit. This world may be running on fumes, but it does not mean we need to follow suit. God gave us the perfect example to follow so that we can do our best and be our best for the appropriate seasons in our lives.

And in this season, my calling as a wife and mother take precedence. I will be the best version of ‘Amy’ throughout this season because I’m following God’s example of rest and priorities. I’ve come a long way to get to where I am. I don’t have to be Wonder Woman, because she is only a written piece of someone’s imagination. She is not real. But, I am.

And you are, too.

Don’t let the pressures of this world dictate what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. God has shown us the true significance of family, friendship and precious values that have no comparison…peace, joy, love…and He teaches us how to balance it all. It begins with Him. Accept His invitation and learn from Him. He’s the Master of priorities.

We can rest in His love and be strengthened with His joy when we are able to prioritize and balance our responsibilities. And we learn to understand that God did not create us to take on the weight of the world and drown in all that we think we have to do. He gives us the wisdom to strategize our responsibilities. And He walks with us all along the way. We don’t have to do it ourselves. His presence provides the strength needed to continue forward.

Rest in Him. His embrace covers you with peace.

Amy Velazquez
  • Judy joned
    Posted at 09:10h, 11 September Reply

    I love this Amy..God bless your heart for sharing

    • Amy
      Posted at 13:50h, 18 September Reply


      Thank you for reading and enjoying! Many blessings! <3

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