Changing the World

Changing the World

“If we are living for our own safety and security…our own convenience and comfort, we will never change the world.”

Joe Gordon


A few weeks ago, a missionary came to speak at my church, and I’ll never forget the above words Mr. Gordon spoke. He gave his testimony and how he surrendered his life to Christ. There was such a passion within him for reaching the lost, especially those living in other parts of the world.

How many times do we choose to do things because it is convenient for us? We pick the drive-thru route because it is faster and we don’t have to get out of the car. We purchase gadgets that make things easier for us. We even have personal digital assistants on our phone! Personally, I don’t care for them. In the time it takes my husband to ask his phone for the weather I’m able to look it up myself (especially when they don’t always understand the question the first time around!)

We’ve gotten accustomed to finding short-cuts along the way. I’m not saying that’s all bad. If we can cut in half the time it takes to do something, why not? But, when it comes to quality and people, it’s a different story. I’ve noticed that people don’t invest their time in others as much as they used to. If it’s not a quick thing, you may have lost their attention to something else. I remember one time I was asked a question, and when I started answering, the individual looked in a different direction and walked away. My first thought was, “Maybe I should have answered with one word instead of five?” But, I’m seeing this more and more. Perhaps we are too accustomed to quick solutions and quick answers due to social media and gadgets. But, it is detrimental to give quality time to that person with a need, or the one who is broken and could use a person to listen and pray with him.

We cannot treat people the way we Google for answers. It cannot be a quick check on our mobile devices and “Tada!” No. How would we feel if God treated us in this same way? Last time I checked, He sent His only Son for us. That wasn’t a mere 2 minutes’ worth of His time. There is time to invest when it comes to others. And they’re worth it. Everyone has a story. Everyone has their share of struggles and their desire to be heard. Everyone should have the chance to become familiar with God’s amazing love.

If we are so preoccupied with ourselves and what keeps us in our own bubbles of comfort, how will anyone see His light through us? How will we make a difference if we are only thinking about ourselves?

It’s time to step out and be His light. You don’t know if that smile you give to that young woman as you pass by her will be the difference she needs to make it through her day. Or, the scenario can play out where you are on your cell phone or gadget the entire time and don’t realize she’s even there. It can take a small gesture to reach out, but if we become so consumed with ourselves and cannot even notice who’s around us, then something needs to change. And I hope that with this change comes some amazing stories of kindness and God’s love flowing through us.

We can change the world. But, in order for this to happen, we need to look up and reach out.

Who is with me? We can do this!

Amy Velazquez
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