The Exhausting World of Parenthood

The Exhausting World of Parenthood

I am a hard worker. I’ve learned how to prioritize and stick to a schedule in order to complete tasks. During my undergraduate studies, I was a full-time student with a full-time job and had a baby halfway through my studies. I graduated with honors. During my graduate studies, I was a full-time student with a part-time job and a toddler. I ALSO had a baby halfway through those studies! Again, I graduated with distinction. I don’t say this to boast (I’m not even in my line of work anymore). I say this to show you that when I say I’m a hard worker, I mean it. When I set my mind to something, I do everything possible to complete it effectively and efficiently.

With that said, HOW IN THE WORLD is being a stay-at-home mother the most challenging task, yet?!

There are days when I don’t even know how I’ve survived through it all.

Daily, I carry many hats:

-Maid: going after both the kiddos with a broom and sweeping up the never-ending crumbs.

-Personal chef: certain foods are expected at the times designated by the littles of the home.

-Referee: NONSTOP to both children as they take turns playing and fighting, and fighting and fighting…

-Nurse: treating and kissing the booboos away

-Life coach: Guiding my children in the way they should live and behave

And the list goes on…

Being a parent will probably be the most difficult job of my life. I am responsible for two beautiful little humans. There are so many books out there on parenting tips and resources. The truth is, no book can give you a step-by-step tutorial for every single thing you will encounter as a parent.

And no book can adequately express the rewards experienced from being a parent. As challenging as this role is, being able to celebrate each milestone and wonder at all the growth each child displays is enough to show me that my job as a parent is important. It’s not an easy task. Well worth it, though.

But, sometimes…it is just exhausting. Sometimes, you get home from the grocery store with your hands full of bags and see that the bowl of Cheerios your son threw on the floor in a tantrum is still there. Sometimes, you’ve spent the whole morning cleaning the house to come and see that there are mud tracks leading from the yard. Sometimes, you’ve done so much for your family that you wonder if you’re appreciated or just taken for granted.

And when you find yourself in one of those moments, take a deep breath. Those moments will pass soon enough. There is one thing that does not stop: time. It does not discriminate. Life continues forward. Just as quickly as you’ve found yourself changing diapers, you will find yourself cheering on your son or daughter, as they walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma. Morning will come again. And when it does, my prayer is that you will have renewed strength to continue your indescribably important role as a parent for your children. 

Or, you can laugh. There are times when my husband and I will laugh at the ridiculous scenarios we are faced with as parents. Sometimes, that is all you can do. Laugh off the stress and frustrations that do and will come with this territory. It’s ok. It’s life. This is the reason why I chose the picture of my hubby and I laughing for this post’s image. It’s real. It’s genuine. We are human beings, striving after God’s infinite wisdom, to get through another day without losing our minds. And thankfully, that hasn’t happened. God has strengthened us to pave through the challenges. He doesn’t abandon us with the important role of parenting He has designed for us. He is with us through the whole ride!

Your children are seeing life through your actions. They’re watching you. Your choices will determine their future steps – whether they want to emulate your every move or consciously choose to be the complete opposite. Today, I tell you: Don’t get stuck in those temporary moments of exhaustion or frustration. You have a Guide to help you. Call on His name for wisdom and strength. He will cover you. And He will bring you to rest in Him. Your calling as a parent is great – God is greater. And He WILL be right by your side when the going gets tough. Just call on Him. He will answer.

Amy Velazquez
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