Father’s Day: Your Kids Are Gonna Be Just Like You!

Father's Day

Father’s Day: Your Kids Are Gonna Be Just Like You!

As a child I was not the easiest to raise. When I think back at the things I did, I cringe a little. I was annoying, selfish, loud, annoying, and did I mention annoying? If you were anything like me then you may have had your parents warn you with the following: “KEEP IT UP AND YOUR KIDS ARE GONNA BE JUST LIKE YOU!” I know. It’s not the most orthodox thing to say to a child, but I can understand that this was a phrase brought out by frustration and I was a frustrating child who awakened that emotion in my parents.

Fast forward to the present, and I am the father of two super silly balls of energy that drive my wife and I UP THE WALL! Kids keep us young, don’t they? I love them so much. I love watching them grow as they learn new things every day. I remember when Amy and I were going to have our first child. In the back of my mind, I would hear that phrase about my kids coming out just like me. Could I handle a “mini-me”? I would imagine the future of my son or daughter trying to pull the things that I pulled as a child. I would imagine being Super Dad, knowing every move before they did it, because “I wrote the book”. They could never pull a fast one on us! Oh, but little did I know. As young parents, we could only wish it would be that easy; but, parenting is so much more complex than that.

The beautiful thing about family is that growing and learning happens together. Each day is an experience and it’s wonderful to be able to share that with the ones you love. One of my goals in life is to be the best father I can be, and the only way I can do that is by asking God for wisdom and knowing my children. The only way I can know them is by being present in their lives, and if I keep that up, my kids are going to come out just like me.

What do I mean by that?

All kids are sponges. They absorb everything they see around them. It’s funny. Sometimes I’ll talk to a friend and say something like, “What’s up, bro?!” only to hear my son saying it to me later on. Their environment is so important to their growth. To me, knowing this is the key to their development in life. The formula is simple. Be the man God has called me to be in my home and society, then they will be a reflection of that – with their own twist and personality. For my daughter, I want to be the example of what she should look for in a man. For my son, I want to be the example of a what a man should be.

I’ll never claim to have it all figured out. I am just learning as I am going. My children are awesome and my biggest prayer for them is that they would be huge contributors to this world through the power, wisdom and love of God. Being a parent has a series of challenges and every one of those challenges is an opportunity to tug on God and ask for wisdom. I need His wisdom because He knows I can’t do it on my own. By asking for wisdom, I am just pushing to be more like Christ. And if my kids are going to come out just like me…well, that’s just fine by me. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Blessings.

Jason Velazquez
  • Jayson Pacheco
    Posted at 18:54h, 19 June Reply

    Very nice blog. Thank you for the positive spin on the phrase.

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