Free At Last!

Free At Last!

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

John 8:36


Everyone is getting ready to celebrate 4th of July. I’m sure some of you are getting the grill prepared. Others will be traveling for a getaway. There will be get-togethers and partying. After all, this is the day Congress declared the 13 colonies were a free nation from the reigns of the British. I can only imagine the tears of joy and celebrations that were held during that time. These colonists knew firsthand what it took to get to that place of freedom. Today, we can never fully know what July 4, 1776 entailed. We weren’t there. But, we are able to celebrate because of the heroic acts of those before us.

There’s another Hero I think of when the word freedom comes to mind. His name is Jesus Christ. I also wasn’t there firsthand to see all the miracles He performed nor all of the beatings He endured for our sins. But, I can celebrate today because I am free! I am free from the eternal sentence cast by sin. I don’t have to walk in defeat. Jesus already paid the price for my victory.

I do wonder, though. If we, who have accepted this gift of salvation, are free, then why do we continue to live our lives as if we are bound? I’ve seen so many people continue to go through cycles of sin and bondage. I’ve seen others take advantage of Christ’s grace over our lives – still bound by their circumstances and justifying their actions to include God in the picture. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we live just barely in the realm of victory? Why do we stay in the dark?

Jesus already gave Himself as the ultimate sacrifice. But, maybe that is it. Maybe this is the reason why we don’t live in full victory. We didn’t pay the sacrifice. Jesus did. Isn’t it easy to take this for granted (intentionally or not) when we haven’t put in the legwork? This reminds me of that college student who doesn’t have to foot the tuition bill because his parents are paying it. Yet, he may slack off and not put in the effort to work hard in his studies. Jesus already paid the “tuition” with His life. No debt. No worries in that department. But, that doesn’t mean we are entitled to a “Free Pass” and do whatever we want. Living righteously requires our intentional efforts. Becoming distracted by everything else can be SO easy. This is why we need to be focused and keep His sacrifice at the forefront of our minds.  

We are part of His family. Family sticks together and lifts one another up. Family members shouldn’t take advantage of one another. We should be stronger as a unit together. And as a family unit in Christ, His sacrifice for our lives should hold weight in our hearts. He was the ultimate, selfless Hero. As a result of His actions, we are free! Free to live, free to love, free to live in joy and peace.

I don’t believe we can fully comprehend the sacrifices our forefathers endured to reach their freedom and subsequently, ours. In the same way, I don’t believe we can grasp the entirety of Jesus’ sacrifice for our lives. But, I do believe we can celebrate these sacrifices and not take them for granted. We are free!

“Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Amy Velazquez
  • Damaris Crespo
    Posted at 12:50h, 03 July Reply

    Great question: why do we continue to live our lives as if we are bound?

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