Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Getting Ahead of Ourselves

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Jeremiah 33:3 NIV


Two things happened to me recently that made me wonder about the requests and suggestions we bring to God:

First, my daughter really wanted to eat cereal for breakfast. Now, let me bring you up to speed on why she was so adamant on eating this. In my household, I have DRASTICALLY cut down on highly processed foods (including cereals), meats, dairy and sugars. With autoimmune issues in my life, I’ve realized and learned that the foods I need to be putting in my body should be wholesome and medicinal, hence the minimizing of man-made chemicals, GMOs, antibiotic-fed animals, and so forth. I’m not saying we don’t have any of this on occasion, but there’s definitely been a big change in our diets. Well, when I did the groceries for this week, I was able to find an organic cereal that did not have the harmful chemicals I’ve been trying to avoid. My children have not had cereal in almost 3 months and were finally getting to have a healthier version of it. So, when I asked my daughter if she wanted homemade banana oatmeal or some other option, she was quick to point towards the new cereal I had bought the day before. What she did not realize was that her daddy was going to make french toast for breakfast. She stuck to her guns and made sure I knew it was cereal she wanted. When morning came, she had her cereal and was content. However, when she saw what Daddy was having for breakfast, she immediately threw comments his way, saying she wanted some. If my daughter would have been patient and allowed us to offer her that breakfast option, instead of rushing to the cereal choice and being, well, stubborn about it, she would have learned that there was another, more exciting meal, waiting for her.

Second, we played the board game, Clue. How many of you have played this game? I’ll be honest, when I was younger, I always wanted to play the game. I never owned it, but I loved the mystery genre and knew I would enjoy it. As an adult, it’s actually not my favorite game. I’m learning to like it, but I don’t love Clue. In this game, you need to make the right suggestions in order to go through the process of elimination and learn who/what the suspect, murder weapon and crime scene are to be the winner. If you don’t make the right suggestions, you are setting yourself up to giving another player clues he may have needed in order to win. During my last turn, I gave a suggestion and I just knew I shouldn’t have gone that route. I realized I had ended up paving the route for the next player to win – and that’s exactly what happened.

Now, both of these scenarios had me thinking about our presentations to God. Do we rush towards what we think is right for our lives? Do we make untrue assumptions about situations in our lives, or even in others? Do we go to the Creator of this entire universe and say: “Hey, Lord. So, I believe this is what’s happening and this is how things should be and this is how it should happen”? What if we are wrong? Just like in Clue, I gave the wrong suggestions and I lost to another player. Just like my daughter, she rushed to something she thought would be good for her and didn’t wait for the tastier option.

We go through so many of these moments in life where we rush and get ahead of ourselves. We do not hold all the pieces to the puzzle of life. We can gamble and wager on what we think may be the right piece. But if the pieces don’t fit, we are in trouble, because life holds some serious consequences.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to rethink how we present ourselves to God. Maybe we are asking the wrong questions or giving the wrong suggestions to Him. Perhaps, the right presentation is: “Lord, what is YOUR will in this specific area of my life?” So many times, we say the wrong things and go to Him with this expectation that our perception of the situation or area in our lives should be handled a certain way. Could it be that as much as we are accustomed to finding answers and solutions at our fingertips, we just don’t know everything? And if this is the case, it is conceivable that the only way we can receive the best direction for our lives is if we take a step back, allow God to show us, and stop interrupting Him.

Stop. Let go. Let Him. And live.

Amy Velazquez
  • Ivonne G
    Posted at 10:36h, 09 April Reply

    Amen and well said Sister. This is an area I come in prayer asking Father to work in me, relinquishing my control/ my “know it all” status. Great blog!

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