Go Deeper

Go Deeper

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.”

Isaiah 40:28 (NIV)


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve made any noise here on this blog, but for a very good reason. On January 1st, my family and I joined our church to participate in a 21-day fast. While these fasts are not a new concept in our home, it is something to be continually amazed at how our relationship with God deepens during these days of expressed focus towards Him.

During this fast, I had a number of questions for God. Sometimes I wonder if He gets tired of my over-analytical self. Haha! Of course, I didn’t expect Him to answer every question, because I know that He doesn’t have to do anything for us. Jesus already became the ultimate sacrifice. That we have the audacity to THINK we can be in control of how God should answer our requests or demands (we can be nasty, you know) boggles my mind. But in His amazing manner, God answered one of my top questions for Him. And His way of answering truly blew me away. But then again, it IS God we are talking about! There is nothing He cannot do that won’t go over and beyond our limited capacities.

These past few weeks I’ve fallen deeper in love with His Word. The very essence of who God is can be found in these living Scriptures. We cannot be the strong and upstanding Christians we want to be without His Word. The more we dig in, the more His light shines through us. Our convictions become greater and results in an integral walk. Our posture and focus changes. And you know what? Those sensitive areas in our lives that we deny and ignore – God takes them and begins to do reconstruction and healing. By growing in the knowledge of who He is, we become more like Him. There’s that saying: “Like father, like son”; we cannot be like our Father if we know nothing about Him to emulate. So, dig in!

As a parent, I try to be acutely aware of the fact that I’m always being watched. During these past 21 days, my daughter was taking mental notes. Actually, she wanted to join us in this experience. She chose not to have any sweet desserts. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised (and of course teary-eyed) when I learned that she had turned down a sweet snack at church the one Sunday. She took this fast seriously. What a cutie! I’ll be honest, there were moments where my thoughts turned towards Coldstone Creamery. But, knowing that my daughter was watching and seriously choosing to engage in such a way during this fast was the fuel I needed to dispel those thoughts. No, I wouldn’t have gone through with cheating during this fast, but my daughter was my little hero in keeping my mental distractions to a minimum. Again, our children are watching us.

It’s a new year. Everyone has resolutions they stick to or not. Fellow Christian, can I encourage you to add another goal to your list if you haven’t already done so? Fall in love with Christ, again. He is so so so amazing. Nurture your relationship with the Creator of all things. This relationship will only propel you forward in such a way you have never imagined. Just as I, you will continue to be amazed at all He is in your life. He is just that incredible!

Amy Velazquez
  • Magdalena Monet
    Posted at 10:32h, 27 February Reply

    Love your blog. Love your honesty as well.

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