I Love Aldi

I Love Aldi

I love Aldi Supermarket. It has a great selection for those who are gluten-intolerant or allergic. It has an amazing cheese section. Aldi has Nathan’s hotdogs for under $3. I mean, you’d get one Nathan hotdog at Coney Island for about that price. They truly have almost everything you need and at such a low cost. But, today’s blog is not all about Aldi. This blog has more to do about my pride.

As awesome as Aldi is, I did not always think so. In the past, I believed Aldi was a place for people with low income. And while those with low income shop there, that statement is an absolute that is just not true. Everyone from all walks of life enjoy Aldi. I know people with high income who shop there, religiously. The truth is, Aldi is for anyone who is budget conscious. Aldi is for all classes. I understand that now.

In the beginning of marriage, Amy and I weren’t necessarily making an amazing income, but we did make a comfortable living. Amy and I began our marriage with me being the budgeter (Big mistake). I like to spend and it just didn’t work out. I have to mention that around this time, I was fairly proud of my job and the thought of me struggling financially was never in the forefront of my mind. Even as I write this blog, I look back to how invincible I felt. Being so young, I’d never thought of how much life I have and how many chapters God would put us through. At that time, I was just living in the moment.

Going back to how I spent, I did not care about saving. I wanted to buy the best things – which is strange, because I was not raised that way. My father was frugal. He loved his coupons. But for me, I had no problem spending $200 on groceries that would barely last us a week. Even as I write this, I cringe at the thought.

As years and jobs pass, Amy and I don’t find ourselves as financially comfortable as we used to. Amy has always insisted on being more wise with our money. I never listened. I remember Amy suggesting that we should try shopping at Aldi. I responded telling her that I would never shop there. I think I felt that shopping there was admitting defeat in some way. Maybe I felt that I was no longer at some status that I thought I should be in. What I am sure of is that I was full of myself and thought I deserved more. I saw nothing wrong with anyone else who shopped there, so why did I feel like me shopping there was a sign a sign of defeat?

Years go by. We are living in a whole different state. My wife does an amazing job raising our children and homeschooling our firstborn. Therefore I am the sole “bread winner” for our home. Once we had moved, Amy began to do most of the cooking and grocery shopping. She is a ninja when it comes to doing the shopping. She will come home with groceries and spend such a small amount. I began watching and learning from her.

I remember the one time Amy sent me out to find something at Aldi. I have never really been to Aldi, except briefly to find something during my teenage years. I decided to see what Aldi was all about. I was wide-eyed and amazed. The prices! The selections! Why did I fight this for so long? I quickly learned that I didn’t have to spend like a king to eat like one. How we spend our money now is unlike anything from our past. In fact I am proud to say that I love shopping at Aldi. Any chance I get to shop there, I do. I would even say that If I made a higher income I would still shop at Aldi.

I have learned that being wise with your money has nothing to do with the financial status of one’s life. All it means is that wisdom is used with what God is providing. We all have expenses, and things aren’t getting any cheaper. I’d rather spend money on things that really matter. I would rather save up for emergencies and trips, rather than throw it all away.

I write this as a reminder to myself and maybe even you. As I move forward in my life, I have to remember that money is not everything. Shopping at places like Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market or Whole Foods is wonderful, but they truly aren’t the wisest places to shop on a limited income. Where I shop does not define my status or who I am, overall. It doesn’t define anyone’s status. I love the chapter I am in now. I am learning to live within my margin and focusing on the things that matter most. God has been all over our lives and I am not letting Him go. I am learning not to only pull on Him when we are in need, but to hang on to Him when all is well. I need more of His wisdom over my life. Not just spending, but everything.

So, I love Aldi. Aldi doesn’t just serve as a place to get food at amazing low prices. Aldi serves as a milestone in my life. Aldi is where I found humility. Aldi is where I found a glimpse to financial peace and restoration. I do smile a little as write this, because I know this reads like an ad for Aldi, but they do have Nathan’s hotdogs for under $3.

God bless you!

Jason Velazquez
  • Damaris C
    Posted at 16:17h, 03 August Reply

    Good for you Jason!

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