Like a Child…

Like a Child…

When I was a child, I loved loved LOVED all things church. I remember wanting to be engaged in all the activities I could be part of. I can easily reminisce on those Saturdays where I would go with my local church to pass out “tracks”. Do you remember those little pamphlets? I was so excited to be able to give those to anyone and everyone. I even put one of these tracks on a teacher’s desk during my eighth grade year. I guess it is no surprise that he knew it came from me.

As an adult, I understand why church was my go-to during my childhood. It was a refuge and sanctuary for me. It was an escape from the broken home that awaited me those years. Thankfully, it was also the right place to be. I grew and deepened my relationship with Christ at a young age. I learned that the best sanctuary for me was in His arms.

Today, I’ve had the amazing privilege of witnessing my 7-year-old daughter go out with her daddy and younger brother. I’m not sure if tracks are still being passed out; but this evening, my daughter passed out door hanger invitations for this coming Easter weekend events at our local church. Watching her excitement at passing out these invites made my heart full and warm. I remember seeing that same exact look in a child her age quite a few years ago…

Life happens. We grow older and choose to be more cautious and weary. We allow the growth of high, thick walls around our hearts, and forget to be as free as a child passing out tracks for His Kingdom. Isn’t this the very reason why Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice? It was for our freedom. Because of this, we can be willing and free – like the heart of an innocent child – for His glory.

“And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'”

Matthew 18:3 NIV

Our hearts need relentless surrendering to Him. No more fear. No more “what ifs”. It is time we embrace that child-like freedom, joy and excitement to engage others for His Kingdom. We are called to be His light. We may be that very link for others to connect them to the Lifeline of all. Christ chose you and me. He knows us by name. We find our identities in Him. And our lives are best when they are placed in the palm of His hands.

In a few short days, we commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice. More importantly, we celebrate His resurrected life. It is because of Christ’s resurrection that we are able to be all we can be for Him. We have the hope and truth that there is more to this life than what others dictate. We get to embrace the everlasting life Jesus has offered us as a result of His decision over 2,000 years ago.

Be the light that is needed for others to see Him. Let your walk and talk reflect His love. And embrace that childlike joy!

Amy Velazquez
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