Mom! Mom! Mom! HI!


Mom! Mom! Mom! HI!

Mom! Mom! Mom! HI!

“Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually.”

1 Chronicles 16:11 NASB


There are SO MANY THINGS I can say about my toddler son. That boy truly knows how to rock one’s world; where you don’t know if you should laugh, cry, or both!!! He and my daughter are very different in temperaments and character. Unfortunately, he inherited my amazing (sarcasm) attitude. There are times when I have gone head to head with that little ball of delicious stubbornness, wondering who won the round at the end. He has brought me to my knees in prayer in a way I had not experienced with my daughter. So many life lessons have been taught to me in the few short years my son has been with us. One of these is persistence.

You know that scenario where a family takes a road trip and the children are constantly asking, “Are we there yet?!” I’m pretty sure there’s even a movie with this title. Well, my son does this. His phrase is, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!” and he’ll continue until I (yes, I admit) blow a small gasket and answer him, “What?!” His answer? “Hi!” And then at that point, he’s just too cute with that large smile of his and big, bright eyes staring intently at me. Now, I know. He’s also testing his boundaries and can be manipulative. You can expect this at his age. But, I continue to be reminded of my relationship with God when my son starts his “Mom” chant. How many times have we stopped short of certain things in our lives because we weren’t persistent? My darling child has shown me that persistence can indeed move the heart of God.

Jesus gave a parable to His followers of a persistent widow (Luke 18:1-18). We must be diligent and persist with our faith in our prayers to God. He will listen to us. He won’t ignore or say He didn’t receive that certain text (we all know people who have done this). He is our God. He is faithful. And He doesn’t go against His own character. In this day and age, we must NOT falter in praying for justice and His covering.

It is easier to give up today than it was back then. You have the fast-food chains, the quick and easy access to communicate with whomever…heck, you even have the participation medals for all the individuals involved in a game. You don’t even have to try as hard as you might have years ago. And while convenience can be good to an extent, it’s not good for your prayer life. Your prayers with God is how you tap into His amazing presence. This is where you continue to deepen your relationship with this amazing God we serve.

Personally, I can’t afford to give him my “anything” for His “everything”. I want to give Him my best of everything because I love Him and that is what you do in a relationship. I’ve probably annoyed Him with some persistent prayers, but I’m also pretty sure He’s seen my large smile and big, bright eyes staring up at Him intently. He’s probably chuckled, too.

Like my son’s persistence for my attention, I encourage you to deepen your own persistence towards God. Of course, this does not mean spending 5 hours straight in prayer. However, quality is so important in our walk with Him. He is truly worthy of our time and deserves more than just a “drive-thru” experience with us.

Amy Velazquez
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