Creation: His vs Ours

Creation: His vs Ours

“God saw all that he made, and it was very good.”

Genesis 1:31 NIV


From January 1-21, my household engaged in a 21-day Daniel fast with my local church. I’ve done these 21-day fasts for as long as I can remember. This year was different. While we usually chose partial fasts, this was our first time choosing the Daniel fast. For those who are not familiar with this, the Daniel fast has to do with the story in the book of Daniel, where Daniel and his friends did not want to taint themselves, in the foreign country of Babylon, by eating foods that were not in accordance with the Jewish traditions/beliefs that were handed down by God for His chosen people to follow. They decided to only eat vegetables and fruits, and drink only water for 10 days. At the end of those 10 days, they were much more healthier than the others who were eating and drinking from what the king of Babylon had ordered for them to receive as nourishment.

If you’ve read some of my earlier blogs, you’ll be familiar with my struggles relating to autoimmune issues. I cannot have gluten. There is also inflammation I’ve battled with and have had no idea of the source, even while being gluten free; My body had been attacking itself with no explanation and I had no idea what to do. In searching for answers, I’ve had countless tests done, blood work ruling out diseases I’ve never even heard of, and an increase of frustration throughout those random moments of pain and inflammation. I had even stopped wearing heels and gave them all away, as a result. You see, the pain I felt most was throughout my limbs. I loved wearing heels, but I loved my health more. And I did not want my leg muscles to continue to receive a battering, on top of wearing unnaturally high shoes for the sake of fashion. No thanks.

Sometimes we find the answers we’ve been looking for in the moments we aren’t even searching. And that is what happened to me. I began this fast, and being the avid learner I continue to be, my curiosity was piqued and I started reading up on whole food plant based lifestyles – basically a more strict version of the Daniel fast. I began learning about the benefits of whole foods and the amazing stories of disease reversals and optimum health results.

You know what else I learned? I learned that we continue to act as if God needs our help in various areas, such as giving Him a timeline based on our expectations for our lives, to nourishing our own bodies! If you do your research, you will realize that whole foods are the most nutritious foods there are for one’s health. Yes, whole foods – the foods God created all by Himself. Then there are the foods we’ve created and genetically modified. You know, food coloring (doesn’t have expiration dates because they’re not foods, and yet it’s in everything we eat!), horribly processed foods that cause addictions, such as sugar and those chips we cannot get enough of, and other food ingredients we digest that are just not natural for the body to consume.

As a result of my digging around, I began to reduce the crazy amounts of sugar I had been ingesting (without realizing it), minimizing processed foods and upping the intake of whole foods on a much greater level. My children also began to eat more fruits and veggies. Even my husband, who has a love affair with Taco Bell, ate something there the other day and realized he did not care for the food and was craving hummus and a salad. Miracles still occur, people! Best of all, I started noticing a pattern with this mysterious pain I’ve been dealing with for a few years: I only experience inflammation on the days I have processed foods and junk. I am now on my way to living a more healthful and wholesome life – the way God intended it. It’s also really interesting to see my 3-year-old eat sweet potato noodles as if that’s just the way of life. We are still working on my 7-year-old, but we are taking back control over our health and not subjecting ourselves to being under the control of consumerism and addictive foods; God set us free in all areas, including the freedom of having great health. It is our choice in what we choose to eat and bring in to our bodies.

Oh! And I bought my first pair of wedge heels the other day! It’s been over a year since I’ve worn heels, and now I can wear them, knowing that inflammation is only a choice away and NOT a lifelong sentence.

God is so infinitely wise in ALL He does. Sometimes, we don’t realize that the details we miss out on, such as food choices, can impact our lives in major ways; especially when He created the very foods we need to live a wonderful life. Choose life when you decide how you will nourish your body. Christ chose death so we could live. And I don’t know about you, but I’d like to live a pretty amazing life, without the stresses and impacts of health issues as a result of what is being digested.

Amy Velazquez
  • Magdalena Monet
    Posted at 10:44h, 27 February Reply

    I too have been having this conversation with God, regarding food, and this is an area, that I want to do my own thing and ask God to bless it. After reading your blog and your own experience, I come to the conclusion that all that God has created is good, and that we have become so used to processed foods that its ingrained in our nature in how we think and let’s face it, food is part of our very culture and even heritage. It’s time to stop and consider that we do not know it all,
    I think you should go into Health/Life Coaching. Love you and I am very grateful for this word.
    Thinking about how food also compares to the unadulterated word, processed foods have so many chemicals, GMO’s etc because it makes it attractive and even palatable, and so is the word of God when its processed made easy to swallow, attractive but harms us in the long run.
    Good word Amy, love you and miss you!

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