Surrendered Life

Surrendered Life

Yet again, another tragedy has taken place – a shooting at a church in Texas. It seems that anywhere I go to stay current in the news, I find myself filled with horror at what I read regarding the chaos and tragedies that continue to fill our country and world. One can hear what/who people blame when tragedies strike: guns, politics, etc. Those are just symptoms. What about the source? What about the root of the issues?

This nation is broken and only God can heal it.

We live in a place where things are forced to be relevant and acceptable. I’ve seen the media continue to purge our minds and that of our children with immorality; where even commercials have to be screened, as a result. I’ve observed how others have become complacent in the area of holiness, as if it is a thing of old, even amongst Christians. Anywhere I turn, it seems that my way of living or thinking is not “mainstream” and is in fact, antiquated to others. Well, that may be. But, I don’t remember God allowing His Words to be rewritten for others to feel good about their immorality.

Many of us have given Christianity a bad name. Perhaps, our own legalistic mindsets have driven others away instead of penetrating them with Christ’s love and mercy. We, as Christ followers, have the Answer. And we need to surrender ALL to Him if we are going to be an impact and light to this world. No, we aren’t perfect. But, His light in us should shine so brightly that our actions and words can only point towards God’s restoring love and power. We should be attractive to others and allow our life stories make a difference in one’s dark world.

Our joy should be contagious. Our love of life should fill others with hope, as we carry the Hope of this world in us. We should be setting the precedence regarding what is moral and what is not. We have work to do.

Fellow Christian,

Rise up. You have the Light needed for this dark world. Do not sit in complacency. Do not allow yourself to go with the flow on the issues of morality and holiness. You know His Truth. And if you do not, you know where to go to find it. Let us not become ignorant in what God’s Word says. It is our lifeline. And there is a world dying that needs to hear about Jesus. Be that chain reaction and let your SURRENDERED life reflect His character.

“Then He said to them all, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.’”

Luke 9:23 (NKJV)


Amy Velazquez
  • Damaris C
    Posted at 05:44h, 30 March Reply

    God is calling….

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