Surviving Tantrums

Surviving Tantrums

I had this whole nice blog written about toddlers and tantrums for this week. It was really nice. You know…about taking a breather and knowing that “this too shall pass”. Then, TODAY happened…

For the most part, my husband and I have been dealing with my son’s tantrum as troopers. We really do need to pat ourselves on the back. My son is so absolutely awesome. Both kids are. I can’t complain about those two precious gems. But, I do have my moments when I just want to scream at their behaviors, especially those tantrums.

Let’s get back to what happened today. I guess there will be moments when children are just not going to have their best of days, like adults. My son woke up, seemingly fine. Then my daughter decided she had to go to the bathroom, which set off my son’s tantruming. Apparently, it’s the mundane things that can pull the trigger. Who knew?! Ha! It didn’t stop there. On Fridays, I take my son to a Toddler Time program at the library. Long story short, we didn’t stay there that long.

I was so frustrated. Usually, I’m much more composed and can handle these darn tantrums. Today, it was hard for me. I even went all pentecostal on my son and started rebuking spirits left and right! I lost my appetite, I tried not to cry, and I just wanted to zone out and cool off. Am I the only parent who’s gotten to this place?! I don’t think so. I know that as much as parenting is such an amazing God-given privilege and ministry, it’s not all fun and perfect harmony. We’re not always singing “Kumbaya”. Let’s face it, when humans are in the mix, it’s bound to get ugly at one point or another.

It’s so easy to say the right things for dealing with tantrums and other parenting scenarios, or to give those pity looks to other parents dealing with them in public. But, it’s not easy being a parent during the tantrum stage. And it’s during those times of frustration and wanting to rip my hair out that I have to remember my purpose as a parent. I’m not going to have it all together. I’m not going to have all the answers, nor all the right responses. The perfect parent might say that we are to enjoy each season our children are in, including those unappealing toddler moments. I’m obviously not a perfect parent, because I don’t believe this. I believe we won’t like some of those seasons and frustration will get the best of us. However, having God in my life helps me get through it all. And His peace SURELY passes all human understanding, especially during those trying moments with toddlers and tantrums.

No tantrum can conquer what God has equipped in us as parents. And if you have just survived another tantrum like I did a few minutes ago, then pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward! One day, hopefully soon, I will look back at those moments and hope to see growth and change in me first, not my children. All these aspects of parenthood that we experience, including tantrums, should bring us wisdom and maturity. We are part of that learning curve. And that’s ok. The learning process isn’t perfect. We will probably fall down more times than we want until we get it right. But, we do it with the One who knows us so well. He knows our strengths and weaknesses. And He guides us in such a way that we are able to be strengthened for our important role as parents, without losing our sanity. What a God we serve! He truly is amazing.

By the way, if you also have a toddler, they won’t be in this stage for long and that’s a reason to celebrate! At this point, I may just do the celebrating a little early! Haha!

Laugh a little, it’s good for the soul! After all, parents have a tough job. We have to find the laughter in it, even those unwanted tantrums! The joy of the Lord truly is our strength!!!

P.S. I hope you liked the picture for this blog. We decided to join in on all those tantrums! 😀

Amy Velazquez
  • Lisett Ortiz
    Posted at 15:01h, 30 June Reply

    Love this, I have a 2 year old and man those tantrums…… thank you for your words. sometimes one can feel alone in this rough stage.

    • Amy
      Posted at 15:41h, 30 June Reply


      I hear you loud and clear! There are times when I feel like the only parent going through this (especially during Toddler Time where all those children are so well-behaved!) Fear not, you’re not alone. And it’s refreshing to know that God has our backs through all of these stages we muster through! <3

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