The Source

The Source

“…yet for us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for Him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.

I Corinthians 8:6 (NKJV)

There is something about our nature that we tend to go in search of things, whether it is answers or fulfillment, among other reasons. I recently had a conversation with Jason regarding the behavior of the Israelites in the Old Testament. If you are familiar with their story, you know that the Israelites were infamous in the cycle of apostasy (God blesses them, they turn away from Him and sin, He turns away from them, they repent, and He forgives and blesses). In all of this, the Israelites had a tendency to adopt the wickedness of the surrounding nations, including the worship of idols and false gods.

This is the part I cannot comprehend.

God had gone over and beyond with demonstrations of miracles and His amazing character throughout the Old Testament. Yet, the Israelites would continue towards pagan worship. Even the wisest among them was led astray by this (1 Kings 11:3-6).

Thankfully, there are some amazing stories in God’s Word that we can reflect on regarding His sovereignty and placing trust in the one true Source. Today, I write about the Shunammite woman. If you have not read about the Shunammite woman, you can find this story in 2 Kings 4:8-37.

As a woman and one who is always asking God for wisdom – considering my ridiculously foolish ways – I have some admiration for the Shunammite woman. She connects with Elisha the prophet and makes accommodations so that any time he is in town, he has a room and provisions with this family. She asks for nothing in return. Yet, Elisha prophesies to her empty womb and in turn, she bears a son. In these days and in this culture, having children, especially sons, was significant. The Bible says that this woman had no son, no heir to continue the family legacy. Her husband was old: you can connect the dots there! In God’s great compassion, He used the prophet Elisha to bless this woman for concerning herself with the things and people of God.

If this story ended here, the avid reader in me would be satisfied. But, oh no no no! God is the GREAT writer of our lives (if we let Him) and His stories include some fascinating twists and turns. I mean, I’m sure you can look back at areas of your surrendered life in Him and see His creative mind at work.

The story’s plot thickens when this woman’s son dies. This child ran to his father complaining about his head. I have an imagination, so at this point I am wondering if the boy has a brain aneurysm or tumor. Whatever the case is, his father sends the boy to his mother and he remains on her lap until he dies. 

Ok…a man of God speaks life into this woman’s womb and now this life is no longer. As a mother, I would be devastated. My heart would be crushed and my husband would know the anguish of my pain.

In the midst of what is tragedy, this brave woman knows the Source. Nowhere in her story can you read that she informs her husband of this death. In fact, she places her dead child in the room of the prophet (not just the room, but on his very bed!), she requests of her husband to go see Elisha and when he asks why, she says: “It is well.” (verse 23). Let me tell you something, if my son who is currently the only male to continue the family name passes away, “It is well” would probably not be the words I’d use.

The Source.

When you read the entire story of the Shunammite woman, you learn that she goes to Elisha and refuses to leave until he goes and sees her son. In God’s great writing, He restores this child to life.

My question to you: what is that thing in your life that needs to be restored? Remember your Source. What you need to do to get to your Source will probably go against the norm.

Funny. I don’t remember God ever conforming to our definition of what should be according to our standards or norms. And that is a very good thing. “It is well” because your Source is the ONLY One who can possibly rewrite the mess you may have written for your life. He can write a twist into that hopeless situation you may be facing. He can do the impossible. He WILL do the impossible, if you let Him.

Remember your Source.

Amy Velazquez
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