“I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In every and any circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.”

Philippians 4:12 ESV


Today, I’m reminded of a day out with my family awhile back. We had enjoyed ourselves at an outdoor festival, a science museum and a light dinner at a casual restaurant. It was a much needed time with just the 4 of us.

While at the science museum, my daughter sat in on an interactive show, where the staff member explained the characteristics of liquid nitrogen. Something she mentioned to the audience captured my attention. It is no surprise to me that my experience in this museum was a great reminder to me that I’ve forgotten A LOT of what was taught in science class. So, when I tell you what I’d learned or relearned, and you roll your eyes or laugh, I will not be offended. Haha! Anyway, the staff member had been teaching about liquid nitrogen. If liquid nitrogen is continuously poured into a balloon filled with air, it starts deforming. If you begin moving it around (with protective gear of course!) it makes a “crunchy” sound. The balloon begins to lose its elasticity and can eventually break.

All of this science talk just pointed me back to my life. Another life lesson, experienced during a science show. Go figure.

I am the type of person who maps out a plan and sticks to it until it is completed exactly as it is written out, or at least that is the goal. Maybe some of you can relate. Then life surprises you with all sorts of goodies!! And your plan, which may have seemed great, becomes irrelevant. 

I do not know what life has thrown your way. I know it has thrown in my direction what has looked like a maze of tests and trials. However, the balloon lesson comes to mind here. Without elasticity, one is bound to break. Thankfully, I have had to learn with every obstacle and mountain I’ve climbed, that the less rigid I was, the easier it would be to bend in a way that I could get through to the other side in one piece. I cannot be like that balloon in liquid nitrogen. I cannot get stiff and rigid in life. I will not survive. I will break. Life is just not that predictable.

These past two years, I have witnessed beautiful things arising from the ashes of death – all because I chose to stop what I believed I should be doing; choosing to listen to God’s wise words, instead. I’ve also learned to stop receiving all the advice of people who do not hold the blueprints of my life. To clarify, there will be people in your life with the best of intentions. This simply does not mean those intentions align themselves with God’s will for our own lives. And sometimes, we listen too much to others and too little to the One who actually knows better than us all. Of course, God will always place people with His wisdom to help us along the way. We just need to make sure we’re receiving His directions before anyone else’s. 

These life lessons, I tell ya. They truly do teach you how to become flexible enough to bend sideways and back when darts are thrown my way. 

 Unbreakable. Unstoppable. Undeterred.

May I bend enough to get through the hurdles and on to the finish line. May I be flexible enough to extend a hand to one in need. May I be malleable enough to learn and be strengthened by life’s curve balls. And may all of this point to the only Source that can keep me going for as long as I live.

Amy Velazquez
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